Server upgrade!

I upgraded my server after 5 of so years and it is still as fun as ever to see the performance gains! I’ve seen this site load as fast as 300ms now and everything seems so silky!

I’ve been on a weird productivity funk ever since my vacation two months ago and I can’t seem to find the energy to go as big on my game development projects as I did. Instead, I’ve been spending my time in the gold mine of HOTS, migrating sites to my new server and playing with Docker.

I will get back to adding some of those extra features for the BlackJack game then I’m going to take a learning break to try to figure out how to plug in proper unit testing in Unity and then get back to TanksVsJellyfish.

Regardless, I hope that all of you are doing well and feeling fulfilled!

Blackjack – Card Counting trainer

The first release is finally complete! Download for Android on Google Play now!

If you have an Android device, please feel free to download, learn and win at Blackjack! If you want offer me any feedback to make it better, I also super welcome the feedback.

There is a bug that causes the game to go into a locked state that I cannot seem to recreate and if anyone could give me reliable recreation steps, I would greatly appreciate it.

Additionally, I am going to add a help section to explain all of the abbreviations and interface icons. I hope that some of it is self explanatory, but understand if my UXing skills are terribad.

The gist of playing before I can formally create a tutorial and help:

The yellow icon is the visual guidance to playing basic blackjack strategy with the illustrious 18 variants and counting with hi/lo.

RC = running count
TC = true count
CR = cards remaining in the shoe
OP = optimally played.

You can turn off the hints in the options, the sounds and make various adjustments. The thought is after you learn how to play using the strategy, you can turn off the hints and see on the stats screen whether OP = true. This will be your guidance that you’re still on the right track and then you can adjust your betting to test yourself making money!

For those who are looking for some of an interactive demo, the YouTube video that I made a week or so back still applies.

I really hope all of you enjoy it and find it useful!

Demo of winning with card counting in blackjack!

So after writing the logic for the blackjack simulator I decided I could put in a little extra time to write the full interactive game implementation. I’ve recorded a video of me playing through a full shoe and winning with the assistance from the app. I’ve got a few more features to implement, but I’m pretty excited about publishing it soon and helping all of you to beat the house!

I hope all of you enjoy the content!

Random Nerdiness – Practicing and learning how to win in Blackjack! – YouTube

Make money playing BlackJack with Card Counting!

Hello my one or two followers! As promised, here is the video on how to do BlackJack card counting and a demo of the simulator! The results appear to prove that it works.

For those who want a TLDR and prefer reading instead of watching my super entertaining video, these are the main things to learn. (It would be super awesome of you, if you still click my video to like and subscribe)

  • BlackJack “Basic Strategy” [Link]
  • Counting cards using the Hi/Lo system. [Link]
  • Adjust your strategy with the Illustrious 18. [Link]
  • Appropriately size your bets.

For the bet sizing, I didn’t find any really good reading materials on. Instead, I ended up doing a lot of simulated scenarios. My video has a few examples how the betting adjustments will impact things like minimum bank roll and avoiding heat.

As for an update on what’s going on. Regrettably, I’m pausing on Tanks Vs Jellyfish, because work, family, extended family and everything else is taking it’s toll. I want to get my dopamine fixes with lower hanging fruit victories and I was thoroughly entertained making this simulator.

I am pivoting to write a super rad BlackJack game to practice and develop skills to beat the house. While watching the simulator over and over, it gave me an itch to play and practice. Hopefully I can impress that one friend that would go to Vegas with me.

I do see that there are other fantastic BlackJack trainers out there. Those seem great and for those who can’t wait look them up. Regardless, this will be another fantastic learning/growing opportunity for me to build something and productionize.

Thanks for all of you who are reading, watching and giving me support.

Does Card Counting work in Black Jack?

I’ve heard a few times in passing that you can count cards and beat the casino in Black Jack. Over the years I spent a little time understanding the basic premise, but only got a shallow idea and never knew if it actually worked. I don’t often go to the casino and I have a crazy low risk tolerance when I do go. Usually I pull out $200 bucks for gambling and then come home empty handed. So do I actually know how it works? Each time I go, I always think I should really test this out and find out.

So I wrote an implementation of the BlackJack game. The rules of BlackJack card counting that I found here and also a simulator. Most YouTube or web content shows the basic ideas of how to count and bet. However, it misses some important details that I was able to uncover with my simulator.

I’m prepping a video for it and here is a sneak peak of a simulated results. I’m also re-using the code to write a BlackJack app that will be fun and also teach you how to play BlackJack to beat the house!


Wow, so it’s been a while since I’ve had an update. Life is definitely quite an interesting journey and challenges come in so many flavors.

With all the events of the previous month, I was spending lots of time teaching my children, while trying to maintain a normal working schedule and being an OKish husband and father. With the schedules all on overload, when I did get any free time I didn’t have more energy to work on the game, so instead I took a hiatus to play Heroes of the Storm for the last few months.

However, there’s a slight breakthrough in motivation and I’ve started working on the game again recently. I’ve got scaffolding code for the Boss Jellyfish and I’ve implemented an early integration with Google/Facebook authentication for progress saving.

There are a new set of challenges upcoming in the next few months so there may not be updates again for a bit, but in the meantime enjoy the screeny!

First 3D Model!

So I’m very excited about the progress that my artists have made and here’s a little sneak peak of the actual model in the game.

It’s super interesting, because when you work alone, it’s hard to keep the forward momentum and often I explain to my friends that I have highs and lows. When I’m in my high I help the kids with homework, practice music with them, wash them up, exercise and then crank away until 1 or 2am. During my lows, I still do all my fatherly responsibilities, but after that I end up just playing a ton of Heroes of the Storm and watching a bunch of YouTube videos or sleep early.

Now when these amazing artists update me with progress, they often come with a requested feedback loop and a “what’s next” on the roadmap. It’s so much easier to keep the energy to go on, even when I’m in a low. While I wish I could find another local partner in crime who would want to devote the amount of time that I do on my own, I’m OK if still happens because people living very far away are getting paid to be part of this journey.

There are also other interesting developments in the core game and I realize I should eventually put up a dedicated site to explain the gameplay, but one thing at a time. In short think idle income generator, tower defense and auto-battler.

To my one to two readers, thanks for following and I hope you’re enjoying these updates!

Tentacle slapping action!

Dine in some of this awesome cnidocyte action! When 4 Jellyfish tentacles aren’t enough, I’m going for 5!!! Call me crazy!

I am super pumped! After finally hearing the advice multiple times, I decided to finally pull the trigger, spend some cash and hire a freelancer to help out develop some assets. There are some really cool concept pieces in the pipeline, but I’ve still got some work to do before it gets into the game. In the meantime enjoy this preview!

TanksVsJellyfish – Non-colliding Mobs

It’s weird, but all through my life, productivity always came in spurts. I’m not sure how long this round will last, but this time I’m getting an extra burst of inspiration from my children as they love seeing the updates and get really excited as lots of the ideas are being inspired by them.

Hopefully, my one or two friends who still follows me enjoys these updates too 😀