Does Card Counting work in Black Jack?

I’ve heard a few times in passing that you can count cards and beat the casino in Black Jack. Over the years I spent a little time understanding the basic premise, but only got a shallow idea and never knew if it actually worked. I don’t often go to the casino and I have a crazy low risk tolerance when I do go. Usually I pull out $200 bucks for gambling and then come home empty handed. So do I actually know how it works? Each time I go, I always think I should really test this out and find out.

So I wrote an implementation of the BlackJack game. The rules of BlackJack card counting that I found here and also a simulator. Most YouTube or web content shows the basic ideas of how to count and bet. However, it misses some important details that I was able to uncover with my simulator.

I’m prepping a video for it and here is a sneak peak of a simulated results. I’m also re-using the code to write a BlackJack app that will be fun and also teach you how to play BlackJack to beat the house!






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