Setting up an Arduino Yun for AllJoynJS



To modify your Arduino Yun to run LininoOS and run with AlljoynJS

  1. Tools
  2. Setup


  • Hardware
    • Arduino Yun
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Lan Cable
    • Network switch/router
    • MicroSD card(Not required, but makes things easier if you have to reset the Yun)
  • Software
    • Windows PC
    • OpenTFTP
    • Putty
    • Arduino Software IDE


  1. Configure Development Environment (Windows PC)
    1. Download files (All links will be included in comments)
      1. Tools
    2. Install OpenTFTP
    3. Install Putty
    4. Install the Arduino Software IDE
  2. Configure Yun
    1. Download file on windows PC
    2. Configure OpenTFTP
      1. Configure the .ini
      2. Target the folder that contains the “openwrt-ar71xx-generic-linino-u-boot.bin” file
    3. Upgrade the Yun’s Linux distro to Linino
      1. Connect Yun with Lan Cable
      2. Open Arduino IDE to obtain IP of Yun
      3. SSH into Yun using Putty on the IP
      4. Change to the /mnt/sda1 folder
      5. Create a download folder
      6. Download files with wget
      7. Run sysupgrade -v openwrt-ar71xx-generic-linino-yun-16M-250k-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
      8. Determine which USB COM port the Yun is registered on
      9. Connect to the Yun using Putty on the COM
      10. Reset and prevent autoboot
      11. Set ips
        1. setenv serverip <tftp-server-ip>;
        2. setenv ipaddr <linino-board-ip>;
      12. Ping windows machine to confirm
      13. Run the following commands
        1. tftp 0x80060000 openwrt-ar71xx-generic-linino-u-boot.bin
        2. erase 0x9f000000 +0x40000;
        3. cp.b $fileaddr 0x9f000000 $filesize;
      14. Reset only if commands were successful, otherwise panic!
      15. Run more commands
        1. setenv bootargs ‘console=spicons board=linino-yun mtdparts=spi0.0:256k(u-boot)ro,64k(u-boot-env),14656k(rootfs),1280k(kernel),64k(nvram),64k(art),15936k@0x50000(firmware) mem=64M rootfstype=squashfs,jffs2 noinitrd’
        2. setenv baudrate250000
          1. If you see gibberish press “~2”
        3. saveenv;
      16. Reset again
      17. Reconnect to IP
      18. Change to the /mnt/sda1 folder
      19. Run the following command “sysupgrade -n -v lininoIO-generic-linino-yun-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin”
      20. Run “/usr/bin/lininoio start” (Sketch upload, use this again)
      21. Reboot
    4. Install AllJoynJS on the Yun
      1. Opkg update
      2. Opkg install ajtcl-alljoynjs


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