Blackjack – Card Counting trainer

The first release is finally complete! Download for Android on Google Play now!

If you have an Android device, please feel free to download, learn and win at Blackjack! If you want offer me any feedback to make it better, I also super welcome the feedback.

There is a bug that causes the game to go into a locked state that I cannot seem to recreate and if anyone could give me reliable recreation steps, I would greatly appreciate it.

Additionally, I am going to add a help section to explain all of the abbreviations and interface icons. I hope that some of it is self explanatory, but understand if my UXing skills are terribad.

The gist of playing before I can formally create a tutorial and help:

The yellow icon is the visual guidance to playing basic blackjack strategy with the illustrious 18 variants and counting with hi/lo.

RC = running count
TC = true count
CR = cards remaining in the shoe
OP = optimally played.

You can turn off the hints in the options, the sounds and make various adjustments. The thought is after you learn how to play using the strategy, you can turn off the hints and see on the stats screen whether OP = true. This will be your guidance that you’re still on the right track and then you can adjust your betting to test yourself making money!

For those who are looking for some of an interactive demo, the YouTube video that I made a week or so back still applies.

I really hope all of you enjoy it and find it useful!







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