Game scripting engine

So I’m starting to get back into the groove of coding my game and I’m at somewhat of a roadblock on how much I should make scriptable.

So for a brain dump, I’ll state what am I looking for right now?

Dialog sequencing
Entity administration(adding/removing/altering)
Triggering other sequences
I’m wanting at least these features so at any given level I can do the following.

Tell a story as the level begins
Add stuff to kill
Do something if you die
Do something when the boss dies
Perhaps this is too much and should be hard coded in the game for a unique kind of boss mob. Not sure, but I feel that’s restrictive. I’ll start with the goal of these things now using some sort of xml scripting syntax.

I thought about using Lua or JS, but I just can’t imagine that it would be easier using that than some fixed rule system. So homegrown ScriptML it is.

Suggestions welcome!

I Cried!!!


Ok seriously, I found this on youtube while searching for the evolution of dance. This has no programming food for the brain, but I cried from laughter while watching this video. OMG, I remember forcing myself to cry before too, and it is hilarious watching this guy do it. Drooling in the middle part of the video is icing on the cake.


Insanity can occur

And it did… sorry schnookums!!!

On a side note, I’m going to change my web hosting provider for Ninjacrab, it will still be but with a MUCH cheaper host for what I use Ninjacrab for. If I ever decide to go hardcore Microsoft web development, I’ll consider another host. Regardless, $118.80 for 3.5 years compared to $78 for 6 months is kind of a no brainer.

Get all old crap off of brinkster.
Put all old crap on WebHostingPad
Do Something nice for my Snuggly Bear

Data Access Layer

Welp, I’ve created what I consider to be a pretty framework for a data access layer and I’m pretty excited to put in all the bells and whistles on it.

Haha, on a miscellaneous note. I figured out that some DMG have easier installers and some are as obvious as the following.

Picture 1

A tad bit more user friendly, but there is still a bunch more to explore. More downsides, some applications require an external mouse with two buttons!!! Apparently Monodevelop doesn’t consider+ click a right click.

On a sad note… I learned more about this Mac… and found something that I can’t seem to erase. Why on earth did I look at it?

Very impressed!

I am super dooper impressed! I created a project in Visual Studio 2008, built a simple MDI application as a mock up example, saved it and put it in my repository.

Well, I wanted to mess around with the Mac today and possibly create the testing framework on it. So I got the files from the repository, and tried to create a blank solution in MonoDevelop so that I could just import the files from the project. Well I messed around for a little bit trying to add files to the solution…. and I still can’t seem to find what would be a “right click” function… So after messing around a bit more, I just opened the solution file straight from Visual Studio!

Then for giggles, I clicked build. It worked! I clicked run!!!!


Picture 1

The widgets don’t render 100% properly but the fact that it compiles without a single change at all is incredible! The fact that it loads VS2K8 solutions and projects!!! Wow-wow-zoo-wee!!!!

Now I did some research and made sure that the project was using .Net 2.0 but I really thought I would have to do more than two clicks on my project for compatibility.

Now I’m off to more work! I want to get the NUnit framework loaded on the Mac, Windows and Ubuntu box. After that the Nant build files and finally I’ll feel nice and confident that I’ll have built a cross platformable framework for some potential application ideas.

P.S. I’m choosing NUnit as opposed using Microsoft build in testing framework for the whole cross platform compatibility

P.P.S. People reading this on facebook or just grabbing the RSS feed. You guys are missing out on the images that I’m attaching here. So make sure to check the original feed!