New year, new blog theme – Top Coding Video 4 coming soon!

As I start to type this, I was informed that WordPress had a pretty significant update for 2014. So I updated and also decided to just roll with the default theme as it’s pretty clean.

I just wrapped up solving the Top Coder SRM 604 1000 point problem and dissecting it for the next video. I was tempted several times to go look at the available solutions online, but I just worked through the pain. Looking at my previous videos on the format of the top coding videos and what’s helpful, I realize that instead of creating videos to solve on the fly, it seems more helpful to solve first and identify the problem solving mechanics.

So instead of just throwing some video content, I’m going to create a little clean Powerpoint off of my OneNote brainstorming sketches hopefully tomorrow and then record the video.

Sweet dreams internets!






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