Month: April 2013

  • Confuzzled…

    So I was preparing materials for my “Random Coding 3” video episode and this time the subject was relating to Conflicademia in regards to the loading performance of Android and how to optimize your build in Unity so that the game has reasonable loading performance.

    However, as I was prepping my material and generating the relevant evidence to prove why this session improves the performance, I disabled all my “tweaks” and re-launched the game on my phone and to my surprise, the game was still loaded in a respectable time.

    I still have no clue why it just works now, though it’s good for my game, it ruined my “Random Coding – Session #3″…

    So I will spend time re-creating the performance issue to prevent getting caught by it again, but I don’t think it’ll be the next Random Coding series until performance becomes a problem again and I have some hard evidence on it.

    Until then, I did have … Read the rest

  • Tutorial level is almost complete!

    Oh man, I’m so sleepy it almost hurts. Every heart beat seems to be jolting my chest. Regardless, I really wanted to make some serious progress on the game tonight.

    The tutorial level is mostly complete, the left over tasks for the tutorial is to show how to transform, show a visual progress indicator of the debris collection and end the level  gracefully by stopping the crates, preventing movement and adding a bit more interesting narrative.

    Now keep in mind this also means that I need to also implement the transform function and how to use that… but perhaps I can make that an upgrade and focus on that slightly later… Ahh blogging rubber ducky, you are good!

    Ok, so with that, I can defer a number of items and move on to another level.

    There is also still an issue with the graphics, I suppose the levels aren’t technically completed with the fancy pants textures and models… but I’ll … Read the rest

  • Finally fixed the web build

    So after I suppose a month or so of the “New Game” button not working, I finally fixed it so that the web player is functioning again. Apparently the automated build script doesn’t suck the scene information from the Unity IDE build screen and I totally forgot about the string array in the wonky command line builder. Thus, when someone tried to click on new game, the app couldn’t find the scene to load and would silent do nothing.

    Regardless, it’s done and all should rejoice 🙂

    Additionally, a little while back I also solved a major performance issue where the game was taking about 30 seconds to load on the android platform. I’m going to make a random coding video to explain the details of it and also how I got around to solving it for those who have the nerdy appetite! The game now only takes 6 seconds for the main initialization and 1 second for pretty much … Read the rest