So I was preparing materials for my “Random Coding 3” video episode and this time the subject was relating to Conflicademia in regards to the loading performance of Android and how to optimize your build in Unity so that the game has reasonable loading performance.

However, as I was prepping my material and generating the relevant evidence to prove why this session improves the performance, I disabled all my “tweaks” and re-launched the game on my phone and to my surprise, the game was still loaded in a respectable time.

I still have no clue why it just works now, though it’s good for my game, it ruined my “Random Coding – Session #3″…

So I will spend time re-creating the performance issue to prevent getting caught by it again, but I don’t think it’ll be the next Random Coding series until performance becomes a problem again and I have some hard evidence on it.

Until then, I did have some other Random Coding video ideas, so I’ll move forward with those soon. Also, I’ll get back to completing the tutorial level.







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