Finally fixed the web build

So after I suppose a month or so of the “New Game” button not working, I finally fixed it so that the web player is functioning again. Apparently the automated build script doesn’t suck the scene information from the Unity IDE build screen and I totally forgot about the string array in the wonky command line builder. Thus, when someone tried to click on new game, the app couldn’t find the scene to load and would silent do nothing.

Regardless, it’s done and all should rejoice 🙂

Additionally, a little while back I also solved a major performance issue where the game was taking about 30 seconds to load on the android platform. I’m going to make a random coding video to explain the details of it and also how I got around to solving it for those who have the nerdy appetite! The game now only takes 6 seconds for the main initialization and 1 second for pretty much any specific scene.

Until then, it is now extremely late and I must get some rest






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