Slimming down and navigating around

So, I effectively removed about a meg of junk that was in a bunch of the tutorial code and I also wrote some code to gracefully quit the game. I also refactored the main level base class to be more scriptable. The game seems to take more than 20 seconds to load a level for the first time on my Galaxy Nexus and I have a feeling it’s due to the mono CLR spinning up. I wasted a good deal of code trying to provide more feedback to the user as they would wait forever for the game to load, but I realize. It’s back on to some content.


Well, I was playing around with loading various resources through code instead of having a funky static class factory that held pre-instantiated objects… This did not bode well.

As soon as I attempted to launch it from the web player, nothing was working correctly. Apparently had I just read this documentation ahead of time.

Thus, I’ll will experiment with more.

Doing a little bit of googling, I’ll need to refactor to use this method instead

Update — Unity truly is awesome, I think I spent about 5 minutes moving files around and everything is up and running!