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  • Demo of winning with card counting in blackjack!

    Demo of winning with card counting in blackjack!

    So after writing the logic for the blackjack simulator I decided I could put in a little extra time to write the full interactive game implementation. I’ve recorded a video of me playing through a full shoe and winning with the assistance from the app. I’ve got a few more features to implement, but I’m pretty excited about publishing it soon and helping all of you to beat the house!

    I hope all of you enjoy the content!

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  • Make money playing BlackJack with Card Counting!

    Hello my one or two followers! As promised, here is the video on how to do BlackJack card counting and a demo of the simulator! The results appear to prove that it works.

    For those who want a TLDR and prefer reading instead of watching my super entertaining video, these are the main things to learn. (It would be super awesome of you, if you still click my video to like and subscribe)

    • BlackJack “Basic Strategy” [Link]
    • Counting cards using the Hi/Lo system. [Link]
    • Adjust your strategy with the Illustrious 18. [Link]
    • Appropriately size your bets.

    For the bet sizing, I didn’t find any really good reading materials on. Instead, I ended up doing a lot of simulated scenarios. My video has a few examples how the betting adjustments will impact things like minimum bank roll and avoiding heat.

    As for an update on what’s going on. Regrettably, I’m pausing on Tanks Vs Jellyfish, because work, family, extended family and … Read the rest