Resurrecting Persistent Windows

Well, my amazing Wife gave me the green light on ordering 3x Dell P2415Q 4K monitors. So I enthusiastically connected them all via DisplayPort on my NVidia 970GTX card on my desktop and low and behold the windows are exhibiting the crazy re-arranging behavior!

Thus, I’m reviving the project and now since I’ll be able to test it immediately(Instead of building it at home, running it on my work desktop, shipping log files home back home to diagnose), I should be able to improve it even more.

Stay tuned for updates!






2 responses to “Resurrecting Persistent Windows”

  1. jssilver Avatar

    Good to hear. I just have one external monitor in addition to the laptop screen, but even then this behavior is really annoying. I switched to Windows 10 hoping that would help, but if anything the problem is worse – the File Explorer in Win10 often maximizes when the monitors go to sleep, and Chrome responds slowly when I try to reactivate its windows to move them around.

    1. jssilver Avatar

      I responded to your survey that PW was working when I ran it as Administrator, but I spoke too soon! It seemed to work for a couple of hours, but now the non-persistent behavior is back. The program is still running, but there’s no message log in the diagnostics window.

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