Displayport & AMD Radeon with latest Catalyst drivers


Thanks AMD!

The DisplayPort issue is fixed and no longer re-arranging windows across my monitors when I lock my screen!

It seems as though my PersistentWindows utility is no longer necessary for ATI cards. I’ve just validated it on multiple machines and life is returning to normal with DisplayPort!

Looking at the feedback from the surveys, it seems as though my utility works on 50% of the use cases reported and hopefully NVidia also resolves the issue at a driver level.

While I appreciate all the feedback on the PersistentWindows tool, unless I’m back fighting the issue, it’s unlikely that I’ll put more work into it. The code is available to anyone else who wants to pick it up and I’m happy to provide assistance for those who are curious about WinAPI, PInvoking or anything else.

Otherwise, back to my other hobby projects!






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