Hostmonster was down and HD refresh delays

My ~7,000,000,000 or so loyal readers were impacted last night(Ok really, I’m probably the only person that reads this blog) as my web hosting provider was down for about 12+ hours. So what I wanted to blog about last night is now your reading pleasures for tonight.

I finally replaced my primary drive(Crucial M4 256G SSD) that I purchased in 2011 with a fancy new Samsung 840 evo 500G. I paid about $150 less for this drive as well. It’s amazing how much the price of these drives have gone down. I’m now eagerly anticipating the release of the Intel 5960X for a long deserved refresh of my desktop.

However as an interim, with the drive migration, I also finally updated from Windows 7 to 8.1 Pro Update 2. Unfortunately even with this update, you still need ClassicShell to have the awesome “Program menu” interface that Microsoft created so long ago.

I’ve been re-installing software and configuring stuff for the last day and a half, so I finally just got Conflicademia re-compiling and deploying to my phone as well as this awesome site.

I made a tiny change so that in arcade mode you can shoot, if you do the “swipe up” motion with the mouse. Got a lot of family stuff planned for this weekend, so the next update may be next week, but I’m hoping to have some decent progress on level one.

Bonne nuit et au revoir et je mange une mouche!






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