OAuth hath defeated me

Well to set the story straight, OAuth in conjunction with WebAPI.

I’m trying to build the backend services for Conflicademia now and I figured that it’d be a great time to learn OAuth, Asp.Net Mvc Web API, Mongo and all that integration with Mono and Unity. Building a basic Asp.Mvc site with Facebook OAuth integration was a snap. That was up and running in no time, however trying to get the session for the web api service wasn’t completely as straight forward. I’m pretty sure I’m trying to brute force the solution in all the wrong ways.

So as the story goes, I start reading various sites, trolling for an easy answer, one that doesn’t include “RTFM”. While I still haven’t found any answers that I really like, I’m open to suggestions. Otherwise, I’m thinking that the Unity client will do the OAuth portion, then just do some less than sneaky encryption to the service, where the service will sit on top of SSL.






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