Honey bunches of Changes!

So I made a bunch of changes tonight. Optimized a bunch of things here and there, fixed a number of bugs but the most exciting change is finally building some logic to extend past just one level. Intelligently moving from one scene to another, I definitely side skirted some aesthetics, but I was definitely in the mood to get some of this done. It’s humorous, as I finish more tasks, I think of more tasks to complete. Regardless, February is almost over and I’ve committed to myself the game is coming out this year. So we can all expect more changes.

When running the alpha, you can quickly see that the game now navigates to multiple scenes. There is a world selector after the intro levels and of course, there will be the option to skip the intro if the controls are already aware of.


Testing it on the web client… “New Game” isn’t working. It is on the android and in the IDE… so another bug to figure out.

Anyways, it’s late. Time to get some rest!






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