So now that world control is available, I’m focusing on user input enhance gameplay. Besides guiding the ship around there needs to be controls to enable firing or disable… perhaps for levels with shrapnel mine fields that you don’t want to pew pew cause they cause more harm then good or for other effects. I didn’t actually get much done the last week as I was on a cruise with the family. However, now that it’s over I’m fresh and pumped for more features. Soon, it will really be set to just crafting levels, optimizing and testing as much as possible.

Oh I almost forgot, I also got two immense 27″ monitors to support this project for multi-tasking. Having a multi-monitor setup at my 8 to 6 proves to be really effective for googling/coding/debugging and communication. I really wanted to go for a third monitor but with the limited real estate in NYC, I’m stuck with two for now.

Anyways, I’m hoping that I can soon wrap up my initial ideas on swiping and deploy another alpha release to demo my thoughts on how that will be utilized.






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