Moar world selecting enhancements

The world selector is now finally something to be proud of. There is a smooth camera animation when the world is selected and something that I’m relatively happy with for navigating what levels to play. There will be some added touches to it for improvement, but it’s good now.

Next I want to finish up some of the user input logic that I was writing to handle swipes. Being a New Yorker, I’ve noticed most people can’t dual wield their phones while hanging on to dear life in the trains or the buses. So I figured the game play has to be intuitive but also leverage as much flexibility and dexterity from one hand.

It’s now almost the end of 2012 and though I was hoping to be further along, I can’t complain about how many blessings I have as well. Hopefully we will see this as a launched product in 2013 the fan base of Ninjacrab will grow larger than my close friends and loved ones 🙂






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