So while I’m super pumped on game development I decided to start working on the level selector, from which you could select planets to travel to and from.

I figured I would need to display some sort of textured sphere, have a mechanism that lets you select the planet you want to go to and implement some rule engine on whether or not you can get to one place.

So, things I need to do to make it happen!

1. Draw a textured sphere
2. Draw lines to connecting planets
3. Implement camera logic to float from one planet to another
4. Implement logic on selectable planets
5. Implement logic on input to invoke game levels
6. Implement logic on game levels to return to selectable planets scene again
7. Implement menu navigation to quit the game/options/resume

So I started with generating a sphere in blender, importing it and wasting the next 3 hours trying to get Unity to texture it. I followed about 20 different google posts and various youtube videos where the exact steps seem to work.

Sadly, I was not aware of this UV mapping thing. Apparently creating blender file with just a sphere won’t have any UV mappings so I won’t be able to texture it and I’ll go partially insane on the internet.

Shortly after, I found a component in the asset store that had a bunch of planets and something that I could potentially plagiarize. From there I discovered Unity had default sphere meshes with UV mappings, the exact same texture/material worked and sadly it is now time for bed for this old geezer.






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