Enterprise Library Logger

After a monumental hiatus, I will provide this nerdy snippet and an update on my life.

Sadly, after writing a bit of code for my logging toolkit, I’m going to modify it from using Enterprise Library to Log4Net. Apparently there was some change in Enterprise Library 4.0 that does not make it directly backwards compatible with 3.1 and I can’t find the documentation for what makes it different.

All of a sudden my formatters no longer work and neither does the mailer. As a good friend of mine said. “It’s a freaking logger!” Why is it not backwards compatible? What kind of crazy magically awesome changes could they have made to make me want to update a vital library used in all my applications?
Thus, if I have to make a change, I’m moving to Log4Net. For anyone curious, I’ll be happy to keep a copy of my current logger with the Enterprise library implementation so that they can see the tragedy that it is. Change a reference library from the 3.1 EntLib Dlls to the 4.0 and formatting goes down the pooper.
As for my life in general. I’m engaged!!! So, the engagement didn’t go exactly how I planned it. There were several chaotic factors to disrupt my master plan and the proposal being on a certain date and actually being a surprise were high on my priority list. Regardless, I’m a little sad that it wasn’t some super magically awesome proposal at a swanky restaurant and all the things that I had in my mind came to fruition… Luckily, however, she said yes and I have our entire lives together to do sneaky little special things for her.
I now leave you with this awesomeness!






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