Systems updating like whoa!

Well, Vista Service Pack 1 is finally available for machines that have installed the Korean language pack and Ubuntu has just informed me that it wanted to update a whopping 115 packages. So I’ll let those occur as I drift off to la-la land.

It’s 85 degrees right now in NY and it’s night time. My AC is kicking on and off like a fat ninja in a kicking marathon. I think I need a fan to circulate the air so that the AC can regulate the temp across the entire 375 sqft instead of the tiny section by the unit.

I just got back from Wheeling again where I met a Cardiovascular surgeon. We had an interesting conversation about his software needs and I’m interested in starting a project for that request. It doesn’t seem to be that intense or involved. I’m going to work on a few Proof of concepts do some research to really see if the competition just flat out sucks.

Regardless, all is well and I’m excited!

On final notes, I’m going to respec my priest to the following for Oscar and my crazy wicked PVP group.

Ok we suck, but we only play 1-2 hours a week if that.






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