Our Nation’s Capital

Well to begin with, I’m writing this on a Mac. I’ve switched my blogs over to blogger.com and I stepped outside of NYC this weekend to visit our nation’s capital, Washington DC.

I’ll go into some of the technical differences that I’ve experienced from working with the OS X, Windows, Unix and Linux environment.

However, I’ll digress over to my recent “vacation”.

So this weekend, my snuggle muffin and I decided to meet halfway in Washington DC. I took the Chinatown bus and she drove in to town. We found a great deal on a hotel and so we spontaneously ran off.

To sum up the trip, it was a trial of our patience and a continuous series of unfortunate circumstances. Regardless, my love stood by me, supported me and cheered me up. Then there were trying times for her as well so that I could do the same for her. I’m not entirely certain if the weekend was really meant to test the threshold of pain that couples must endure, or demonstrate the actions that both of us would perform to be there for each other.

To continue my discretion, I came home from my trip worrying about my sweet sugar pea the entire time but comforted when both of us got home safely and saw that everything back home was safe and sound. Our lives are extremely fortunate, because in the end we have everything that we could have ever needed. Plus a funny story to tell our grand children.

Onwards to blogger.com. MySpace’s blogger sucks for a few reasons. I can’t use their “Advanced” editor unless I’m on a windows platform machine. I can’t type my blogs on my Ubuntu box nor this Mac OS X laptop with a consistent look and feel. I also can’t access the blog in all locations due to MySpace being firewalled in so many locations.

I tried, sorry MySpace… I know it’s hard to write really good software but it is possible. Step up and I’ll come back and support your advertisement engine.

Finally, it’s UBER late and I’m still writing this entry. I just wanted to point out one quick different about Macs and Windows. Keep in mind I’m new to Mac, but I thought the whole point about Macs was being easy enough for someone with limited knowledge to operate.

Mac: Hi, I’m Mac
Windows: Hi, I’m Windows
Min: Hey windows, I want to install an app
Windows: Ok, double click the setup icon and click “next” until the “done” button.
Min: Wow! That’s intuitive… Mac, how about you?

Picture 1Me trying to figure out how to do a screen shot

OMG are you serious Mac?? Serious? How is this more intuitive than “Print Screen”, “Alt+Print Screen”…. I have to hit “Apple + shift + 4 + space”!!!!! You are NOT intuitive!!!

Ok that was side tracking from my original intent. To go back to installing software…

What the hell does this mean? So I want to install the latest version of Firefox… what do I do? Ohhhh I get it… get a double AA battery and stick it in the butt of a raging flaming fox. Then it will go into some folder with some artistic A on it.

Mac??? Ok, I thought people loved you for your super awesome interface?

So it turns out I have to go to my hard drive, then my applications folder. Copy the firefox icon to the application folder then copy it also to the docking bar.

Mac: PC guy is a fat unpublicized actor and his bottom smells like elderberry.

And with that, I’m off to la la land. Tomorrow I’ll continue my adventures of Mac Explorations and my rants of the Mac OS.






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