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  • IIS Express misdirection

    So I maintain multiple branches, one for on-going development and the other for production support. Although Git has a feature to switch branches, it does some magic in the background which moves files and require you either to stash your changes or commit, which can be inconvenient, so instead I have the branches checked out to multiple directories.

    This normally works well, unless you use IIS Express for debugging your web solutions. It turns out that IISExpress maintains an “applicationhost.config” file in MyDocuments\IISExpress\config folder. Now this nasty booger seems to know how to change the file selectively, typically when I really don’t want it to.

    So as I was making a bug fix today, it managed to switch it automatically as I changed branches and life was good. After that, I go back to my enhancement branch and start cranking away. A few hours later when I’m ready to debug, I launch the app and then I notice funky artifacts … Read the rest

  • Bleeding edge vs Cutting edge

    So after returning from Code camp NYC, I got back to the office with a bunch of new toys that I absolutely had to integrate as part of our solution. I started messing around a web framework called “Hot Towel”, which includes “Bootstrap”, “Durandal”, “RequireJS” and “Toastr”. Out of the box, it compiles and the demo thing works great, however the demo is not feature rich, so immediately I’m off for documentation on how to do the next things.

    1. Do something after the view is composed
    2. Make multiple columns with Bootstrap and the div tag

    So starting on the first problem with DurandalJS, I’ve written a framework over Microsoft Prism before, so I understood a lot of the goals of Durandal and I was following the documentation of where to place a function, such that when the view is attached it will fire a function. All over the interwebs, I found the function “viewAttached” and write such a … Read the rest