Month: July 2012

  • Main Menu!

    Welp, I finally did what I intended to do the other day. I’ve implemented a crude main menu screen that jumps right into the game. I’ll probably set some transition effect, but it’s also a starting basis for me to implement the whole level selection, upgrade vendor etc. Fun fun fun!… Read the rest

  • More WordPress misdirection!

    I’m now creating a main menu screen, but in the mean time I wanted to re-use some graphics for wordpress and then got caught up messing with Php, wordpress, templates and string manipulation. Not as effective, but it’s progress nonetheless… Read the rest

  • Even more Ion Cannon tweaking

    Also creating a base class for the level logic as well as creating a dialog/text manager. Admittedly, I played a bit of Diablo3 today, it’s hard to get off the crack 🙂… Read the rest

  • More Ion cannon tweaking!

    So I also spend a good portion of tonight messing with WordPress, but I did make a few tweaks to the ion cannon. It doesn’t spam out as much combat text, the damage is tweaked to be slightly higher than the spray gun. I want to work a little on the story engine next and…

  • Yet another blog

    So I’ve decided that I’m going to create a blog for the game development stuff. This will look mostly like code check in comments until it eventually gets to a point where the game actually hits a Beta. Enjoy!… Read the rest